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Our CI0795B purging compound is our flagship product, regularly outperforming competitive products. Ask for a sample today!

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Coman Purge is currently selling to over 85% of powder coatings manufacturers in North America.

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Coman Purge Inc. is a division of Coman International Inc.
We specialize in PVC compounds and other alloys.

Our products, CI 0795 B, CI 0797 T4(harder formula), CI 0785 B6 are purging compounds that were developed to clean extruders used in the production of powder coatings. We are currently selling these products to powder coating producers in North America, South America and in Europe.

Coman has a strong commitment to customer service. Our testing facilities provide our customers with quality products and technological innovations designed to be environmentally friendly. Coman International is responsive to customers’ needs and able to meet special situations and delivery requirements. All our formulations are made in Canada.

Our purging compound:

Has been OPTIMIZED to produce the best cleaning media without affecting the elements of the screws.

Cleans most types of the Extruders: Buss, Wp, Apv, B&P, Zsk…Twin/Single Screw…
Was especially designed to protect the pins of Buss 70,100,140.

This material has a very light smell, it cleans the extruder very fast, safe to use and no respiratory device is needed.

Our competitive prices and the recirculation of our product (Recirculate about 10 minutes during the cleaning period) will result in great savings and more efficiency in the plant.

Please contact us to order a free sample.
MSDS sheet & cleaning procedures will arrive with the sample.